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05 February 2011 @ 10:02 pm
The Protector - Chapter Three  
Title: The Protector
Author: criticalchi
Character death.
If only I had one wish from God--but unfortunately, I don't. I do not own any of these members, they own themselves. The plot is mine.
Summary: Ryeowook's parents hired Sungmin to become his guardian, but never told the younger man about it. Now, his life is in danger and Sungmin saves him, but in turn, kills himself in the process.
Great Note of Author: x3 Oh, you'll be amazed in the next chapter.

Ryeowook closed his eyes as he let his world vanish for a moment, relaxing under imaginations.

Though it has been a year since Sungmin died. Well, almost. Tomorrow was his death anniversary, and Ryeowook couldn't believe it has been a year. Ryeowook would cry whenever he visited the older man's grave, smiling a little sadly.

He had talked to his parents about it.

"Why did you hire him, of all people?! You know he's important to me!"

"He was qualified--"

"I don't care! He never needed to die. If you two loved me for much as your son, you would have told me that he was going to be my protector! Now, he's dead. What would you do to take out the hell you put into me?! I hate you!"

Yes, they were harsh words, but that had been only months after the discovery. He had still hated his parents, and never talked to them ever again. Even when his mother cried and begged him to come back, he could only say Sungmin's name and walk away.

Yesung had been there for him, though, and Ryeowook would tell him, "sorry hyung, but I don't feel the same way about you. You're like a brother to me." When he knew the purpose.

Kyuhyun hadn't been talking to him either, but he completely understood; Kyuhyun was madly in love with Sungmin, and the older man's death was probably much more painful to him than to Ryeowook.

Ryeowook had apologized to Kyuhyun one day about it, and Kyuhyun smiled at him before saying, "It's okay, hyung. You didn't know." But it was obvious the pain was still there.

Ryeowook mentally face palmed himself. Of course the pain was still there, his love for Sungmin was indescribable, and he always smiled at that. But, whenever Kyuhyun and the older man looked like a happy couple, he couldn't help but feel this feeling he couldn't understand, but it made him hate the closeness.

Jealousy, Ryeowook. Jealousy. A voice in his mind told him, and he knew it was his own.

How could he be jealous? It was just that Kyuhyun and Sungmin were childhood friends, that's all. Nothing special.

But that didn't calm him, at that time.

If you were so jealous, then why didn't you tell that to Sungmin? He would tell you the answer that you deny to believe. The answer that explains everything. The answer that says,
"you love him."

He couldn't make himself believe, no matter what happened. No. He denied it, because if he said to himself it was true, he would have said he was too late.

That you were too late to return the love he yearned for. To return the love he desired. He died, before you could admit it to yourself. What excuse would you tell your heart? That it meant nothing to you? Explain!

Ryeowook's hand trembled as his mind went against him. Why was this happening? It was suppose to protect him from the truth, not shove it with force and without care.

You're the one imagining it, Ryeowook. You're the one forcing yourself with the truth.

Those words...were often used by the man who started this mess in the first place... Sungmin.

"Ryeowook, you're the one forcing yourself with the truth."

Flashback: from Sungmin's perspective

It had been months after they met, and it was the last day of December, and the first day of another year. It was also his birthday tomorrow.

Or, in a few hours, really.

"Hyung," he was already called that ever since, "what do you want to get for your birthday?"

"Your love," he joked, before grinning at the chuckling man and saying, "well, it's just a birthday. Not much happens, except that they slap a fact, saying, 'hey, you're a year older now'."

"Well, you're gonna turn 20. You can legally drink then." Ryeowook smiled, and he always had his heart pumping faster whenever that happens. "But, seriously. What do you want to have for your birthday? You're officially two decades old, so I thought you deserved a better birthday than the usual birthday cake and 'happy birthday'."

Sungmin smiled back, "we should have a better celebration when it's been three decades, then."

"Every decade, then!" After a few hours later, Ryeowook pulled out a wrapped gift from under the couch, and standing up to give it to Sungmin. "If you, uh...don't like it, then I could get you something else."

Sungmin took the gift with a smile and opened it; A silver necklace with a cross as the pendant, that, if you turned the cross, there was a message saying "Sungmin and Ryeowook will forever be best friends!" in their little code.

He looked at the necklace lovingly, before asking Ryeowook to help him wear it around his neck.

After the necklace was gently placed around his neck, and near his heart, the older man hugged the younger. "Ryeowook, this must be the greatest thing I've ever had. Thanks!"

Ryeowook hugged back, "I never knew you would like it. I expected you to say it was the cheesiest thing I've ever given you."

"No, no. This represents our friendship. We're not gonna let each other down, right?"

Ryeowook looked down for a moment, and Sungmin saw him closed his eyes tight. "What if I break this promise, and let you down? What if I did something wrong to you, and you hated me for it? My mind isn't supposed to be doing this, it's...supposed to help me."

Sungmin tilted Ryeowook's head up, and kissed his forehead. "Ryeowook. Don't stress yourself out. You're the one forcing yourself the truth, you know."

Ryeowook closed his eyes again, "alright."

When Sungmin was cleaning up, he received a call. From Ryeowook's parents.

"You are offered a position as Ryeowook's guardian. Do you wish accept?"

Sungmin glanced at Ryeowook, who was watching TV, before whispering, "yes."

It was the only thing he had hid to Ryeowook for so long, that the younger man only knew after his death. He had no regrets, though

It made no sense. No perfect sense, why Sungmin said that to him that time. Did Sungmin know that one day, he will be disappointed in Ryeowook? That, one day, they think of themselves as strangers?

"A cute guy like you is hard to think as a stranger, Wookie."

Which really explains his vulnerability.

"When I have the time, I'll teach you martial arts."

He never was able to, though.

Why did Ryeowook think that running from a friend was any better? What did he really fear in Sungmin? Sungmin was his best friend, the one who protected him, the one who smiled at him whenever something stupid happened, the one who took care of him when he needed family.

Ryeowook walked down the aisle at the supermarket, pushing his cart. He was looking for that noodles he tried last week that he decided was better than the normal cup of noodles he usually ate.

While Ryeowook was looking at the shelves, he was not looking at where he was going. He bumped onto a man, and immediately stopped to apologize. "I'm sorry--"

"It's okay."

That voice was, in every way, familiar to him.

☆ you're every minute, my everyday: ლ 민욱 ; because we're soulmatesyukwol on February 6th, 2011 08:16 am (UTC)

criticalchicriticalchi on February 7th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)

The next chapter will be a good (and might be a little disappointing) one. xD YOU JUST WAIT, YOU.

Thanks for reading! x3 I was about to give you a spot, but I was in a rush!
(Deleted comment)
criticalchicriticalchi on February 7th, 2011 05:07 am (UTC)

You will have to read the next chapter that will answer your questions! :3

Thanks for reading!
iluvsuju95iluvsuju95 on February 6th, 2011 01:21 pm (UTC)
*gasp* omo! The last part..is it really sungmin?woahhhh...or maybe sungmin has a twins?XD..
Eli-bear♥: cute vampire mineliluvzeu on February 7th, 2011 11:19 am (UTC)
Hello hello just found this fic omgosh it's damn good!! Am a kyumin Stan but I ship minwook hyukmin and yemin kkkk this fic is daebak am going to stalk this from now on kkk update soon!!! :D
criticalchi: Super Junior Sungmin criticalchi on February 7th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
:D Yay! A new reader!

I will update soon! :D As long as I have readers like you around, I'm happy enough to write some more. :D

Thanks for reading!
Kisaragi Reikpopwingz on February 18th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
i don't really ship ryeomin as a couple but.. This is nice (:
Hard to think of them as a couple since i'm so dead on kyumin. Omg, kyu is heartbrokened ): wookie loooooves min~ haha, weird. I only think of them as brothers.. But yay! Wookie met min again!